Stepwise - user-guided data entry

Stepwise specification

When modeling, one is trying to group information by topic in a coherent way on the one hand, and on the other hand to offer another form when responsibility changes - as a target for connections.

This limit causes an unreasonable flood of information for the user in some situations. Data fields for necessary input, additional information and Corresponding information derive the necessary focus when new information is entered.

This is where Stepwise is intended to provide a remedy: It is intended to support the user through planned steps when entering information. In doing so, he can be presented with various input fields - even though he remains in an information context. After completing the input, he can call up the next step, thus approaching a large amount of information step by step.

Miller's 7-2 rule represents an aid to the modeler. This is about the amount of information that a person can store in his short-term memory in order to process it logically. Thus, one should internalize 7 data elements as a guideline for manageable and understandable forms.


Stepwise is not an alternative to a workflow, where different actors work on a result and a semi-automatic action is supposed to happen based on an input. Stepwise provides input support, but leaves the upper hand with the user. It is given to the user, who comes with write rights on a form, the possibility to change the layout in a given order.