Administration Panel


The Admin Panel is the user interface for administrators and the access point to a wide range of administration operations of REWOO Scope. It is divided into three areas:

  1. Navigation bar - Here you can switch to other areas of REWOO Scope: Application, Designer, Account Management, AdminPanel (from left to right)
  2. Functional Areas - Navigation to the different functional areas within the Admin Panel. Default after login is the "Logs" area
  3. Contents - The respective content of the selected functional area is displayed here

The functional areas are divided into the following areas:

Open Admin Panel

The Admin panel is only available for Admin-User. These users are automatically taken to the Admin Panel when they log in, instead of being immediately taken to the REWOO Scope world. In addition, the Admin Panel can be accessed via the navigation bar (1).



The following operations are possible here:


Allows setting and changing all configuration parameters. Special subpages are available for

  • Number Ranges
  • File Tags
  • Logo
  • Search
  • Record Management
  • Meeting Server
  • LDAP and Active Directory
  • ETL
  • external HTTP-Methods

A detailed explanation of the individual parameters can be found in the "Configuration" chapter.


Provides a simple editor with syntax highlighting for

  • global Javascript
  • global CSS
  • global meta tags
  • ETL scripts


All periodic tasks are listed here. For each job there is a cron definition that specifies in which cycles the job should be started. If a job is activated but has an empty cron definition, the job will not run automatically, but can be started manually. If a job is disabled, it will not be executed even with a valid cron definition. Manual execution is also prevented.


Includes some Analysis features related to files within REWOO Scope. It also includes the maintenance options to reinitialize the file convertert (Office documents) and chech failed preview generations.


This function gives the possibility to export and import structures of a model or modules in XML/ZML format.

The following operations are offered here:

Maintenance functions

Maintenance functions help you troubleshoot various problems with REWOO Scope application data. If you or another user encounter recurring problems or error messages while using Scope, the repair functions are usually the first place to go for troubleshooting.

In some cases, individual repair jobs may need to be performed after an update to REWOO Scope. Information on this can be found in the release notes.

Analysis functions

The analysis functions provide the possibility to review REWOO Scope application data from different angles. These include statistics, suggestions for improving modeling, the state of all installed converters as well as displaying system information.